7 Tips to create your own collage art materials + painting techniques

“Meena” 11×15 inches

Hi! Let me share with you all how to reuse testing paint colors or rough sketches on paper that are used for mood boards, before painting on a larger canvas…. Following are 7 easy tips and step by step process to create your own collage art material as well as how to incorporate it into your mixed media paintings.

  • 💙Always start with a rough sketch…I worked with pencil for my sketch.
  • 💙And with General Charcoal pencils and Brustro charcoal powder to add details and depth to the features .
  • 💙For background, I applied acrylic paints and the paper I used for this painting is Brustro 300 gsm….but any paper that is little bit thick and doesn’t bubble with application of glue or paint is fine.
  • 💙On the mood board…squeezed Camlin acrylic paints directly on the paper….and instead of squeegee used an old calling card to spread the paint. Let it dry before cutting it.
  • 💙Either cut shapes or tear it up the paper to pieces….it’s up to you. Get messy…have fun:)
  • 💙Apply white or school glue and fix it carefully on the artwork.
  • 💙It’s optional to spray your painting with varnish. I usually don’t!

I had a wonderful time while working on my “Meena” painting,…getting messy…cutting the paper into shapes of birds and masks….

You can also watch the 7 easy tips on my YouTube channel

My “Meena” painting is available at Crafttatva Art Gallery…. Link is ⬇️


Way back, I watched a cooking show “Yan Can Cook” and his catchphrase stayed with me….”If Yan can Cook, so can you!”…. I am just replacing it with paint, “If I can paint, so can you” 🙂 Happy Painting!

8 thoughts on “7 Tips to create your own collage art materials + painting techniques

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  1. Beautiful art, and tips and tricks that you shared are much appreciated. It is always delightful to me consider myself someone who delves in collage and to get an opportunity like this to read and hear from someone who does collage as well – and much better than me! So much to learn and get inspired from, so thank you once again for sharing!

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    1. Oh my Gosh….Thank you so much Oloriel, for such kind and generous compliments!! Means a lot to me. I am a total newbie in blogging and so thrilled to hear that you liked my tips on collage! I am going to cherish this ❤️….. wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

      Liked by 1 person

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