Sketch book Art: Line Drawings

The first time my sketchbook pages are finished, I was elated with joy…..that was many, many moons ago…..and now there are stacks of sketch pads laying around……but I started this line drawing sketches during lockdown period and somehow these sketches are close to my heart and extra special as they got me through tough times….

“Lyrical Lines” are a series that brought lot of joy to me…. Today, sharing with you all some pages from sketching pad…

Lyrical Lines
Lyrical Lines-I

I have sketched it with just ordinary gel pens 🙂 due to shortage of art materials during that time….Below is the link to my YouTube shorts of the sketch book pages…..

4 thoughts on “Sketch book Art: Line Drawings

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  1. Hi
    I didn’t realize this was your blog because the menu sa “my paintings”
    And well – you might want to make it easier to find your blog ….
    Just an idea
    And love this post

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