Meenakshi: An oil painting exploring the mythological stories of fisher folk

I had a lovely time while painting “Meenakshi”. And not only that it also has brought me lots of happiness as it got shortlisted for the grand finalist of “Art Revolution Taipei”, Taiwan…..and in 2020, it travelled all the way to Taiwan from India to be part of the Art Fair! I am thrilled that my painting shared a wall space with artists from all over the world! Those were happy and precious memories before the pandemic!

“Meenakshi” Oil On Canvas

A little bit about “Meenakshi” series……Being born and brought up in a coastal town, the mythological stories of fisher folk fascinate me and at present I am working on a series that involves the folklores of goddess “Meenakshi”. Meenakshi is the goddess of fisher folks. In Sanskrit “Meenakshi” means, eyes shaped like fish. In this series, I explored various nuances of humanity and nature….mainly through the bright and brilliant eyes of a young girl, that there is divinity in living harmoniously with nature/environment. For this painting, I choose to work with oils as it gives me more depth….but mostly because I love working in oils 🙂 

A couple of work in progress images of my painting “Meenakshi”

Below is the link to my insta post about the Art Fair…. “Art Revolution Taipei”, Taiwan

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