Meenakshi: An oil painting exploring the mythological stories of fisher folk

I had a lovely time while painting “Meenakshi”. And not only that it also has brought me lots of happiness as it got shortlisted for the grand finalist of “Art Revolution Taipei”, Taiwan…..and in 2020, it travelled all the way to Taiwan from India to be part of the Art Fair! I am thrilled that my painting shared a wall space with artists from all over the world! Those were happy and precious memories before the pandemic!

“Meenakshi” Oil On Canvas

A little bit about “Meenakshi” series……Being born and brought up in a coastal town, the mythological stories of fisher folk fascinate me and at present I am working on a series that involves the folklores of goddess “Meenakshi”. Meenakshi is the goddess of fisher folks. In Sanskrit “Meenakshi” means, eyes shaped like fish. In this series, I explored various nuances of humanity and nature….mainly through the bright and brilliant eyes of a young girl, that there is divinity in living harmoniously with nature/environment. For this painting, I choose to work with oils as it gives me more depth….but mostly because I love working in oils 🙂 

A couple of work in progress images of my painting “Meenakshi”

Below is the link to my insta post about the Art Fair…. “Art Revolution Taipei”, Taiwan

Sketch book Art: Line Drawings

The first time my sketchbook pages are finished, I was elated with joy…..that was many, many moons ago…..and now there are stacks of sketch pads laying around……but I started this line drawing sketches during lockdown period and somehow these sketches are close to my heart and extra special as they got me through tough times….

“Lyrical Lines” are a series that brought lot of joy to me…. Today, sharing with you all some pages from sketching pad…

Lyrical Lines
Lyrical Lines-I

I have sketched it with just ordinary gel pens 🙂 due to shortage of art materials during that time….Below is the link to my YouTube shorts of the sketch book pages…..

Cool painting technique: with burnt paper and acrylics

“Luminous Pink”

While painting “Luminous Pink”, I was equally excited and at the same time a little bit apprehensive …. especially exploring a new technique for the first time….it’s quite an easy one but you have to be a little bit cautious while working with an incense stick. Yessss….you heard it right 😊 ..”incense stick”. I worked with an incense stick to burn lovely patterns on paper….

  • Take any white paper (gsm doesn’t matter) experiment with “wet on wet” technique….when wet paint is applied on wet paper it creates absolutely magical patterns
  • And with an incense stick go ahead and create designs/patterns to your heart’s content!

I have tried wet on wet technique on 2 papers…

Patterns created with incense stick.

Painting “Luminous Pink” really felt extra special….maybe because it is for such a wonderful cause: I came across “Twitrartexhibit” on Twitter…..and I found the idea of creating and donating postcard sized paintings by artists from all over the world, to generate funds for charities… a wonderful way to celebrate art! Every year there is a physical exhibition of paintings as well as online. This is my third year….and each year I feel like painting something a little bit unique and a little bit magical for this exhibition…..

More about Twitrartexhibit

Please do visit my YouTube channel for step by step process of the “Luminous Pink” painting

7 Tips to create your own collage art materials + painting techniques

“Meena” 11×15 inches

Hi! Let me share with you all how to reuse testing paint colors or rough sketches on paper that are used for mood boards, before painting on a larger canvas…. Following are 7 easy tips and step by step process to create your own collage art material as well as how to incorporate it into your mixed media paintings.

  • 💙Always start with a rough sketch…I worked with pencil for my sketch.
  • 💙And with General Charcoal pencils and Brustro charcoal powder to add details and depth to the features .
  • 💙For background, I applied acrylic paints and the paper I used for this painting is Brustro 300 gsm….but any paper that is little bit thick and doesn’t bubble with application of glue or paint is fine.
  • 💙On the mood board…squeezed Camlin acrylic paints directly on the paper….and instead of squeegee used an old calling card to spread the paint. Let it dry before cutting it.
  • 💙Either cut shapes or tear it up the paper to pieces….it’s up to you. Get messy…have fun:)
  • 💙Apply white or school glue and fix it carefully on the artwork.
  • 💙It’s optional to spray your painting with varnish. I usually don’t!

I had a wonderful time while working on my “Meena” painting,…getting messy…cutting the paper into shapes of birds and masks….

You can also watch the 7 easy tips on my YouTube channel

My “Meena” painting is available at Crafttatva Art Gallery…. Link is ⬇️

Way back, I watched a cooking show “Yan Can Cook” and his catchphrase stayed with me….”If Yan can Cook, so can you!”…. I am just replacing it with paint, “If I can paint, so can you” 🙂 Happy Painting!

Raavi Reflections

“Raavi Reflections” is close to my heart, as a child I used to collect and play with leaves and flowers…the joie de vivre of childhood memories somehow got translated onto the canvas! In my mother tongue, Telugu “Raavi” means Peepal tree and it also has another meaning “Sun”…and I liked to play with the word “reflection” giving it myriad meanings while translating onto the canvas…it could be a girl/goddess lost in thought amid the splendors of summer or an imagery depicting reflection in water…..I worked with oils…..and even incorporated peepal leaves on to the canvas!

Available at Crafttatva Art Gallery×24-inch-oil-on-canvas/

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