7 Tips to create your own collage art materials + painting techniques

“Meena” 11×15 inches

Hi! Let me share with you all how to reuse testing paint colors or rough sketches on paper that are used for mood boards, before painting on a larger canvas…. Following are 7 easy tips and step by step process to create your own collage art material as well as how to incorporate it into your mixed media paintings.

  • đź’™Always start with a rough sketch…I worked with pencil for my sketch.
  • đź’™And with General Charcoal pencils and Brustro charcoal powder to add details and depth to the features .
  • đź’™For background, I applied acrylic paints and the paper I used for this painting is Brustro 300 gsm….but any paper that is little bit thick and doesn’t bubble with application of glue or paint is fine.
  • đź’™On the mood board…squeezed Camlin acrylic paints directly on the paper….and instead of squeegee used an old calling card to spread the paint. Let it dry before cutting it.
  • đź’™Either cut shapes or tear it up the paper to pieces….it’s up to you. Get messy…have fun:)
  • đź’™Apply white or school glue and fix it carefully on the artwork.
  • đź’™It’s optional to spray your painting with varnish. I usually don’t!

I had a wonderful time while working on my “Meena” painting,…getting messy…cutting the paper into shapes of birds and masks….

You can also watch the 7 easy tips on my YouTube channel

My “Meena” painting is available at Crafttatva Art Gallery…. Link is ⬇️


Way back, I watched a cooking show “Yan Can Cook” and his catchphrase stayed with me….”If Yan can Cook, so can you!”…. I am just replacing it with paint, “If I can paint, so can you” 🙂 Happy Painting!

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