Cool painting technique: with burnt paper and acrylics

“Luminous Pink”

While painting “Luminous Pink”, I was equally excited and at the same time a little bit apprehensive …. especially exploring a new technique for the first time….it’s quite an easy one but you have to be a little bit cautious while working with an incense stick. Yessss….you heard it right 😊 ..”incense stick”. I worked with an incense stick to burn lovely patterns on paper….

  • Take any white paper (gsm doesn’t matter) experiment with “wet on wet” technique….when wet paint is applied on wet paper it creates absolutely magical patterns
  • And with an incense stick go ahead and create designs/patterns to your heart’s content!

I have tried wet on wet technique on 2 papers…

Patterns created with incense stick.

Painting “Luminous Pink” really felt extra special….maybe because it is for such a wonderful cause: I came across “Twitrartexhibit” on Twitter…..and I found the idea of creating and donating postcard sized paintings by artists from all over the world, to generate funds for charities… a wonderful way to celebrate art! Every year there is a physical exhibition of paintings as well as online. This is my third year….and each year I feel like painting something a little bit unique and a little bit magical for this exhibition…..

More about Twitrartexhibit

Please do visit my YouTube channel for step by step process of the “Luminous Pink” painting

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